The Príncipe Felipe Research Centre (CIPF) is a centre dedicated to biomedical research, with the aim of taking on new challenges in the field of basic research and encouraging scientific works of excellence.The CIPF mission is to carry out research into solutions to improve human health, applying the most advanced technologies to develop new therapies and/or diagnostic methods.The activity in the CIPF can be divided into three main strategic work areas:The Regenerative Medicine area focuses its research on cellular therapy and interdisciplinary research in human embryonic and adult stem cells, with the aim of regenerating damaged organs to improve human health.The Chemical and Quantitative Biology area aims to understand, through the application of (bio) chemical, genetic, and bioinformatic methods, to understand the molecular mechanisms that control the biological processes and alterations that lead to pathological conditions.The Biomedicine area focuses on understanding the molecular bases of human pathologies that require new diagnostic and clinical procedures for their identification and treatment, pathologies such as cancer, neurological pathologies and rare illnesses.
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