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  • Developer of help desk solutions.
  • Customer relationship management with software for handling customer feedback ensuring customer retention.
  • Provides hosted, cost effective web-based customer service software. Some features include knowledge bases, email handling, and multiple site capabilities.
  • Customer-centric software for the mid-market, including the HEAT help-desk and the GoldMine CRM platform.
  • Multi-user system enhances self-service customer support, help desk operations, and document management applications.
  • Web-based solutions including help tickets, knowledge base, contact management, and email management.
  • Web based customer service database solutions for the high-end equipment manufacturers. Automated escalation process and failure analysis reporting capabilities.
  • Developer of service-centric customer relationship management and facilities management software packages for small and medium companies.
  • Customer communications software based on natural language technology.
  • Automated knowledge base and interactive FAQ systems intended for small businesses.
  • Software and services company focused on customer experience management.
  • Provides customer experience management solutions. Areas of expertise. Services offered. Contacts.
  • Supplies customer relationship management solutions. Focusing on customer service processes, and workforce performance. Training and consulting services. News, partners.
  • Distributor and integrator in the Benelux and France of Advanced Business Intelligence solutions, which comprise corporate performance management, olap, crm, data
  • Featured automated FAQ system and knowledge base software. List of features, demo.
  • Provides real time web based Java customer support software and live help solutions.
  • Provides clients with generic marketing research solutions, as well as custom-build research.
  • Provides information about customer relationship management for businesses.
  • Provides custom software applications and solutions for customer service, help desk, CRM, security analysis with implementation and network marketing. Company profile,
  • Provider of analytical CRM systems. Innovative companies use our software to slash sales and marketing costs. News and events. Contacts.
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