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Consulting Spain Companies Worldwide
  • An outsourcing firm focusing exclusively on telecommunications management.
  • Provides technical design and analysis support in the area of satellite telecommunications systems, space segment and ground segment.
  • Firm specialising in the provision of competition and regulatory advice for the ICT industry.
  • Telecommunications consultant and energy efficient contractor, focusing on serving multi-location businesses.
  • Consultants for AT
  • Engineering and management telecommunications consulting firm specializing in public safety communications.
  • Consultants in telecommunications strategy.
  • Arabian construction company offering information technology in the telecommunications industry.
  • An international strategy consulting firm that focuses on the emerging and converging telecommunications and multimedia industries worldwide.
  • Assists corporations with telecommunications planning, design, vendor sourcing and project management in North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and
  • An independent worldwide business consultancy for the new and old economy, focussing on strategy, planning, communications,research and analysis based on practical
  • Acquire, upgrade, or replace a telecommunications system custom selected to fit your specific needs. Design, implement, and manage both traditional voice mail systems
  • Rhode Island-based firm specializing in telecommunications and networking design consulting, RFP development, and project management.
  • Consultant company that designs and analyzes advanced algorithms for digital communication systems.
  • Offers specialized telecommunications consultancy including advice on telecom strategy, administration and organization.
  • IT and Telecom solution provider.
  • Provide insights and recommendations - from premises systems to multimedia networks, call centers to trading rooms.
  • Provide analysis of client's Voice, Data, and Internet needs. Research current and future technologies and present options to client. Configuration and engineering of
  • Specializes in Wireless data applications, business strategy, technology implementation, Voice application and Voice User Interface (VUI) development.
  • Marketing research and consulting on voice and data convergence.
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