Location and Tracking, Spain

Location and Tracking Spain Companies Worldwide
  • Canadian company in the field of automated vehicle-fleet management and reading industrial sensors.
  • Location-based technology and solutions that enable businesses to deliver private-label location services across a wide range of applications and delivery systems.
  • Provides carriers and service providers with the software solutions required to develop, integrate and deploy LBS and Telematics services.
  • Offer solutions for advanced telematics, leading-edge technology, product and modules.
  • Provides emergency roadside medical information for the telematics and assistance industry by using location-based technologies.
  • GPS tracking technologies for offender and asset monitoring. Service includes integrating GPS and wireless technologies, with realtime web based tracking services for
  • Company founded by Apple computer co-founder Steve Wozniak to combine GPS and wireless technologies to make products offering location, status, control, and
  • Allows monitoring people who work off-premises, using automated mobile phone text messaging.
  • Low power radio tagging technologies to improve guest experiences in theme parks.
  • Manufacturer of integrated systems that use GPS receivers, rugged pen-based computers, PDA's, field data collection and GIS software. Training, software development,
  • GPS field data collection utilities that provide spatial information and GIS solutions for marine and land based industries.
  • Manufacturers of GPS receivers and systems for the aviation and surface transportation markets.
  • Manufacturing aircraft and helicopter navigation systems for the agricultural, seismic and natural resource industries.
  • Producers of sonar and global positioning systems.
  • Manufactures GPS navigation equipment, radar altimeters, and selective calling decoders for business and commuter aircraft.
  • For over 10 years Furuno has brought GPS (Global Positioning System) products to OEMs. Furuno's GPS products can be used for a variety of applications.
  • Designs, manufactures and markets GPS navigation, communication and sonar products.
  • GPS receiver manufacturers, system integrators, equipment suppliers, and service providers.
  • Manufacture a range of handheld products which combine GPS functions with voice, image or RF. Includes downloadable specifications and manuals .
  • Italy-based firm involved in research, development, production and marketing of GPS and radiolocation systems.
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